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Pemba Flying Fox, are Bats of the genus Pteropus,known as the Pemba Flying Fox   are the largest bats in the world. They are commonly known as the Fruit Bats or Flying Foxes among other numerous colloquial names. They live in the tropics and subtropics of Asia (including the Indian subcontinent), Australia, Indonesia,islands off East Africa(but not the mainland Africa), and a number of remote oceanic islands in both the Indian and Pacific Oceans.


In Tanzania and Zanzibar are to be seen in Ole Kangagani Pemba, it is very interesting occasion to watch out Pemba Flying Fox. Monda Africa Tours Tour Guide in Pemba Branch would take you to watch out the Pemba Flying Fox.Pemba Flying Fox is critically endangered species of bat endemic to Poem Island and found nowhere else in the World. The largest colony of this bat can be found to the northern of Pemba at a small Village called KIDIKE


During a day light hours the trees at this site are literally smothered in this giants bats,hanging upside down and snoozing the day light hours away. Being one of the largest fruits bats in the World,with a wing span of up to 70cm ,these animals are a breathtaking sight when they take to the air,launching off en-mass as they depart for the evening foraging

However this bats have had a troubled past. In the early 1990s they were on the brink of extinction,with only 200 individually remaining. Their preferred roots trees were being deforested at an alarming rate and the few bats that survived were being hunted for food. The Zanzibar Department of Forest(DCCFF)Supported by Fauna & Flora International(an NGO),came to rescue of these creatures,and conservation efforts. As time has progressed people have become increasingly aware of importance of these winged. These bats are critical for maintain forest integrity in the area,as their feeding patterns result in the spread of seeds and,in some forest species,the seeds of the trees actually need to pass through the bats 'digestive system before they can germinate. Without Pemba Flying Fox,the fragile Forest eco-system of Pemba would start to crumble,meaning loss of harvest food plants,loss of fire wood and medicinal plants for people and loss of habitat for the numerous other species dependent on the forest


But the future of the Pemba Flying Fox is looking good.The population has recovered to around 11,000 individuals and many villages in Pemba have established Pemba Flying Fox Club's to continue the good work. The Kidike Root site is one of only location where these bats can be seen year around and there is a visitor’s centre at the site   Monda Africa Tours Guides have been trained as Zanzibar and Pemba Tour guides and are there to show you the Roost and tell you about these elusive creatures.

This is the first community managed eco tourism venture in the Northern Pemba, and hopefully will set a precedent for future operations.


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